Your energy your way.

Contracts, security deposits, and credit checks can hinder your ability to accept new customers.
		  Imagine assuming less risk and serving more people. Imagine doing business without barriers. Doing the right thing doesn't have to mean sacrifice: economy and ecology.
		  Imagine a solution that's better for your customer, your planet and your bottom line.
		  Imagine optimizing all three. Debt collection and write-offs erode customer relationships and margins.
		  Imagine your company being more fair to your customers and stakeholders.
		  Imagine not fighting so hard to keep your customer's power on. Cash-Flow is key to your business. Imagine your customers paying in advance for your services.
		  Imagine cash flowing as freely as your electricity.

Over 50% of utility companies and cooperatives we talk to are in the process of reviewing prepaid electricity and prepaid energy options or solutions and the percentage could be closer to 75%. Smart meters and smart grid are the industry buzz words. Prepaid Energy Solutions helps you get past the noise and into game with a smart, simple and scalable solution that can be implemented as a "soft pilot" in a few weeks.

The fact is prepaid electricity is not new to many places. The Dallas Prepaid and Houston Prepaid markets where AMI smart meters are being installed by the millions are booming. Utility companies that have embraced the change to prepaid electric are finding huge benefits with Prepay not only for themselves but their customers love it and the planet does too!

Prepaid Energy Solutions is the right partner to help get you into the Prepaid Electric market now and we will stay with you every step of the way.

Prepaid Energy Solutions is leading the industry with their unique Smart, Simple, Scalable solution in this emerging way of doing business. Let us show you the benefits of Prepaid Electric and Prepaid Energy and we know you will be glad you did.

James L Plappert, CEO

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